Start Up Kits

Start Up Kits


New or gently used items





Knives (Butcher/Bread/Paring)

Cutting Board

Baking Dishes (Casserole/Cake)

Mixing Bowls (variety of sizes)

Measuring Spoons

Liquid Measuring cups

Small Storage Containers/Lids

Cheese Grater

Wire Whisk

Can Opener




Hot Pads*

Stovetop Pans (Sauce/Frying)

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Cleaning/Bathroom Kits

Bath/Hand towels

Laundry Basket

Kitchen Trashcan



Bathroom/All Purpose Cleaner


Fabric Softener

Trash Bags


*only need 5-10 of these items

The shelter would like 20 of each item so they can put together 20 kitchen kits for the upcoming year. Full kits may be created as well in large totes/laundry baskets.

What we DON'T NEED:

day to day hygiene items like toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc. These are donated from a group in SLC.

Women's Shelter Donation Trailer 7pm-9pm

Wish List

Donation Wish List

We accept new or gently used:

DVD-Children or Family: NO PG-13 or R rated


Pajamas, sweats, T-shirts, socks, underwear:

Women, boys and girls all sizes

    ...For families when they come with only the clothes on their back, this will give them something to wear to bed and also while they wash their clothes. We receive vouchers from D.I. to provide for their clothing needs.


Backpack, youth and adult

24 Count crayon (or smaller)

Water Bottle


Twin Size (children)

Full Size (mom's and older teenagers)

New Pillows (everyone gets a new pillow)

Gift Cards: 

Smith's work great, as they can also be used for gas or Pharmacy

Walmart: Can be used for a variety of items: shoes, RX, Underwear

Restaurant/Fast Food

Any gift card

Diapers, Pull-ups, Wipes

Feminine Hygiene Products (pads, tampons, etc.)

We have a donation closet that our clients can purchase with earned play money as they contribute to keeping our facility clean. Fun-Cutsie type Seasonal and Holiday type items i.e. Summer flip-flops, back to school items, hygiene items, hair clips, lip balm, etc.

The donations collected from our 2016 event have been delivered to the women's shelter.

Please feel free to browse this list and deliver it to the DCFS office in Vernal:

1052 Market Dr.

Vernal, UT 84078