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Are kids really sold online? 

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OUR Mission

The goal of Operation Underground Railroad is to rescue 2,000,000 children from sex trafficking.

Our committee's intention is to help fund their efforts, and to recruit new "Abolitionists" to join us in this cause.


We have an obligation to help those who cannot help themselves. The mission of Operation Underground Railroad is to save kids from sex trafficking, and put the bad guys away. They also help in the after-care of those rescued.

The Vernal O.U.R. Race committee has a goal to raise $3,000 in our 4th year of racing; giving enough funds for one child saved. It's simple: a little bit from a community 

goes a long ways.

Sponsors cover the cost of the race, so your money goes straight to saving the kids. 

UPDATE: The 2017 race started with a goal to raise $2,000 to save one child; we doubled our goal!

The 2018 race had a goal of $2,500; we raised a little over $5,000! 

The Vernal Rescue Run Virtual campaign is open. Donate below!

Currently looking for race day volunteers.



Spread the word about our cause; O.U.R.'s mission, and how to help locally. Volunteer for the race, or join the committee. 

(Thank You Previous Sponsors!)



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Mailing:  Vernal, UT 84078

Race Location: UB Tech, 450 North Aggie Blvd